Wednesday, March 26, 2014

just go.

something that makes me happier than anything on earth.  traveling.

i have two trips coming up in june that i could not be more happy about.  i think it's becoming an annual trip to visit my cousin in florida, which is fine by me.  i'll spend time with her and then we have a concert planned to see tritonal.  we are about the only two people that we both know that are obsessed with edm, so it's just going to be us.

then i'm also going to a family reunion in vegas with my dad and sister.  seriously, who has a reunion in vegas.  we do.  can't wait.  part reunion, part party.

i'm off today.  drinking coffee, listening to tritonal, clmd, and whatever other edm pops up.  probably paint a few things and who knows what else.  that's the beauty of a day off (:

Thursday, February 20, 2014

smile like you mean it

it's as simple as that.  a small little gesture can make all the difference in someone's day. 

i challenge you to smile at at least 3 strangers every day for about a week and see if you notice a difference in how you feel.  you know the person you smile at will feel better, therefore i bet you will too.  i know that i don't smile enough and i think the world in general doesn't either.  it seems we, as a whole, less happy and more negative than we used to be.

i am on a mission for myself to smile more and i would like others to do the same.

hope you'll join me (:

photo credit weheartit

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

sorry to my readers.

i do apologize for my lack of posts lately. 

Instagram has been taking over my social media life lately.  i seem to go there when i want to post something, anything.  this isn't a 'come follow me' post or anything like at all, i am just saying that i haven't forgotten about my old blog and i really, really want to be back here soon.

i have found that with my absence, i have almost forgotten how to write.  when i was thinking of something to post, i could hardly come up with a beginning sentence.  i still don't even know what to say.

it also doesn't help that my hard drive still isn't fixed, therefore i have no motivation to take pictures, it won't quit snowing, and i long for days like the one below where the weather is warm and we can be carefree.  i am just a happier person when the weather is nice, as are most people.

so basically, sorry that i haven't been around.  don't go away or forget about the dream tree, ok?  there will be good things again.  life, food, makeup, and whatever else there used to be, i promise (:

Thursday, January 16, 2014

what my patients taught me this week.

i love being a nurse for a lot of reasons, but just the stories they tell me and the things i see amaze me.  someday i am going to forget, so i decided i am going to document some of what i hear and see.  it all varies from serious, ornery, sick, and funny.  no day is ever the same, obviously.

my patients make me feel good when they tell me that i am an angel or i am the reason they made it through the day, but i also have the most thankless job when i am screamed at, used like a drug dealer, maid, and whatever else you might think of.  no matter what, it is a pretty cool job and i really like most of the people i take care of.  so, here are just a couple things i noticed the last couple of days.  who knows what i may see and hear tomorrow!

1)  turpentine and castor oil will take away aches and pains if you mix 3:1 parts and rub it on the part that is bothering you.  it doesn't smell good at all, but it will make you feel better.

2)  god is what makes a marriage stay strong and keeps it together.  without him, it will not last.

3)  heroin makes you feel like you are snuggling on the couch with your boyfriend for 7 hours and makes you feel warm, fuzzy, and totally relaxed.

4)  do what makes you happy like jumping out of airplanes, shooting guns, and drinking beer, when you're eighty-five!

5)  a person can live for a week sitting in exactly the same spot, oh say a recliner, if one has a stocked cooler next to them- that's all that person needs.  may not be pleasant after that one week (if you know what i mean) but it can be done, and one will survive. 

6)  a man's scrotum can really get to be the size of a small cantaloupe! 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

skinny crockpot chili

not sure if you're in blizzard like conditions where you live, but we haven't had snow like this since i've been alive i don't think.  right now it's as white as my eyes can see and we have about a foot of snow!  that's a lot for us. 

when we are stowed up inside for days and can't leave, what else is there to do besides blog, hang out, and eat, right?!  well i make this a few times a year and this recipe makes for the perfect snowy day supper.  it's pretty low in calories, hearty, and keeps me warm.  i should've posted sooner because i know others are in the same position, but if you have these items on hand, there is still time to make today or even tomorrow.  go ahead, you will be happy you did!


1 lb lean turkey
1 onion, chopped
1 can kidney beans
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can tomato sauce
1 packet organic chili powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup water 

brown turkey and onion together.  combine everything together in crockpot and cook on low for 6 hours or on high for 3 hours. super simple and tastes great!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

five great things from this passing year. . .

so today is the last day of the year.  three hundred and sixty-five days since we last had a new year.  that seems like a long time ago, but then again it seems as though it has flown by, right?! 

time is literally going by so fast that it makes me panic.  this year was a decent year for me.  health wise it was good for myself and family so i cannot complain in that aspect, but for me mentally it was pretty rough.  i am hoping this next year is much better.  people who are very healthy mentally do not realize how mental health affects overall wellbeing and life of someone who struggles.  because i had a lot going on with my emotions and thoughts, it affected  whew.

i definitely had awesome days, but there were also lots of other awful days thrown in there that probably affected my family as well.  life isn't easy and i know we all have our issues, but i am one that handles my negativity differently that lot unfortunately.  thank god for medication, but i also need to learn some coping mechanisms and new skills in a few areas.

although i mentioned how dreary the year was, i thought of five great things that did happen.  sure there are many more, but these happened to just pop into my head first!

1 - getaway to jamaica and florida.
2 - parents moving to a new house.
3 - getting a new car.
4 - finding new creative outlets.
5 - chopping off my hair & getting a new tattoo.

enjoy today and be safe if you go out tonite.  remember not to drink and drive (: 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

a new favorite mascara, finally!

Rimmel ScandalEyes Retro Glam

since 2009 i have been on the hunt for a mascara to fall in love with, as my favorite had been discontinued.  i have talked about this before and have run across a few that i have liked quite a bit, one that i did fall for, and lots that i have thrown away mid use.

i have used rimmel mascara before and liked it so when i tried this particular one, i had high expectations.  it was actually better than i thought.  for one, i always use black.  in fact, i have to because my lashes are so light that i look like a corpse with naked lashes or any color besides black. this black was like jet black and bold.  killer.  loved it.  also, i loved the formula.  it went on super easy, was not clumpy and i only had to use about two coats.  it never flaked throughout the day and washed off without any makeup remover.

the brush is pretty unique as well because of the hour-glass shape and the way it grabbed all the lashes.  the only thing i didn't like about the shape when i applied to my bottom lashes, but that is just me.  typically i have to use a small brush because i end up touching my skin and i also had to apply lots of coats to achieve the look i was going for.

all in all i would give this 5 out of 5 stars.  

kinda blurry, sorry. can't really see the brush.

** this was a sponsored post by Influenster, however all thoughts and comments are my own. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

i'll take milk with my coffee, please.

i have never made a pot of coffee in my life, therefore i have no clue how to.  i have had the last several days off and sh has been kind enough to grind the beans and start the coffee for me so it's good to go when i wake up.  i decided that it's time i learn how to do this on my own.

i went to the store and browsed the coffee aisle picking up a bag of ground coffee, knowing that would be the easiest.  i was actually quite impressed with how well i did.  the only hard part is trying to measure the parts out equally because the directions go off 6 oz and not a glass, so i just have to guesstimate. 

for some reason, i have become a coffee fanatic.  before our trip to jamaica, my friend got me hooked on lattes, then i got addicted to the world famous blue mountain jamaican coffee, and since we've run out, i've been using similar stuff around here.  my body is fairly sensitive to caffeine anyway + with the medications i take, but i drink several cups a day and have to now.  it's crazy!  i am now pretty much burned out on lattes and only like my coffee with milk.

now since i know how to make coffee in my pot, i'm afraid that i am going to become a junkie, haha.  good lord, watch out world. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

this post has no pics because . . .

my external hard drive crashed.

i am literally sick to my stomach.  i stayed at my sister's last nite and brought my hard drive and computer with me so i could edit and complete my cousin's senior pics.  i was working at the table when dutch walked by and pulled the cords making everything crash onto the tiled floor.  ugh, what a terrible sound.

so yeah.  my whole life is on that drive.  itunes, every single picture i have taken with my dslr. senior pics, wedding pics, vacations, life. everything for my blog, too.

hopefully something can be done about it. until then, i have to revert back to the old ways i guess of saving things, which i can't remember how, haha!

back to the sick to my stomach feeling . . .

Thursday, December 5, 2013

diy like a fool.

for the last year i have been making jewelry, but over the last month or so i have really kicked it up a notch and made a lot more.  i also have started to get into watercolor painting.  i have no idea what i'm doing really, but it is so much fun. here are a few pics of some of the things i have been doing.

the jewelry is fun to make.  the hardest part is trying to come up with designs and patterns to create, but sh helps a lot and he is actually very good at making pieces.  he has made several and honestly, i think they are probably better than any i have done.  some of these are his and some are mine. 

i have to say that i do like the painting more though. i set up a little spot on the counter, turn on my edm, and go to town. i tune out everything else in the world and just paint away.  it really is good for my mind and it is therapy for me.  i just wish i had more time to do it instead of like once a week. there are a couple other pieces i have done that i really love.  i think i may frame them and find a spot on the wall.

i bought myself a watercolor book and know i'm getting a beginner thing for christmas, so i hope to actually learn how to do things instead of just trial and error, but regardless, it's fun and i love it (:

Monday, November 25, 2013

sweater weather.

not sure about where you all live, but here in the midwest, the weather is ridiculous.  well, i guess i should say the temperature really is, the weather has not been too bad really.  i don't think i have ever disliked the cold as much as i have right now.  

it is definitely sweater weather, but i pretty much refuse to wear anything but tanks and cardigans or jackets, or something of the like.  i just don't like things touching my arms really, especially heavy, scratchy material like wool.  sure a cozy fleece or sweater is nice every now and again, but i get so tired of getting bundled up and having to drag a heavy winter coat with me everywhere i go.  not saying i always dress this way, but i just hate dressing too warm.

who else is with me on this.

i know a lot of bloggers live around arizona and out west where it is still warm enough to wear summer clothes and i am so envious.  the only downfall to that is that i cannot imagine having the winter holidays in that type of environment because it would seem so strange to me, but i am not used to that. 

we were hoping to live in florida this time next year so this was going to be my last cold fall/winter around these parts, but not sure if those plans are still going as planned, so we will see.  all i know is, i better just get used to it because i still have about 4 more months of this!  for some reason i can tolerate the cold temps if there is snow on the ground, but we don't get as much as we used to . . .

anyway, i'm actually planning on wearing a purple long sleeved cardigan on thanksgiving and if not an orange 3/4 length sheer type shirt, with an infinity scarf, maybe - highs are around 35....blech.  food will make that all seem better though (:


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

back to the original plan.

back when i started my blog a couple years ago i originally called it, my lively mind, as some of you may remember, because my mind was flooded with way too many thoughts, emotions, and nonsense.  like most bloggers, it was a place i would use for an outlet for all of those things consuming my brain, but rarely did i use it to express those personal feelings.  instead it became a place to document recipes, beauty and hair obsessions, and other lifestyle stuff, which is fine, but not really what i had intended.

i think i'm going to change things up a bit on the ol blog.  i want to use it as way to vent and get those things off my chest when i have something bothering me, need advice, or a thought on my mind.  there are a couple things in mind already, but it's finding time between work and everything else that is going on.  excuses, excuses, i know.

therefore i am holding myself accountable because i have really been slacking on my blog over the last few months and have missed it.  it makes me feel better mentally when i keep up with it and also knowing that people miss the posts and pictures that are published.

happy tuesday and happy week.